A Life with God

Life is a journey.  What will that journey look like?  Where will that journey end?  Those are life questions that almost everyone asks at one time or another.  God has an answer to those questions.  That is why we are glad you stopped at this site.  Here you will find God’s answers to the questions of life.

God desires to live in relationship with his people.  The first major offering here is the Fellowship with God, an  extended course was written and taught by Pastor Henry Fingerlin over many years.   In the following pages you will find the audio recordings of live classes which he taught covering the basics teachings of the Christian Faith.

Fellowship with God is the main offering of this website.  Pastor Fingerlin gives an in-depth, yet very accessible overview of the basics of the Christian faith.  Divided into 16 chapters, the learner can systematically listen to audio recordings of Pastor Fingerlin teaching his way through the manual. Each chapter page also contains a link to download the “teaching portion” of the manual.  

Paper copies the Fellowship with God manual are available to order. These copies include the downloadable materials as well as an equal number of pages with a variety of illustrations, quotes, cartoons and stories to further apply the teaching points to daily life.

Paper copies of the Fellowship with God Manual May be Ordered Here:  https://wordpress.com/page/alifewithgod.org/3009

The Ten Commandments – Edited audio of Pastor Fingerlin teaching The Ten Commandments section of the Fellowship with God curriculum.

Encouraging Words – Devotional Thoughts that have been adapted and edited from Pastor Fingerlin’s sermons and other writings.

God’s Promises for You  (Audio) – is an audio collection of verses from God’s Word the Bible meant to encourage you and give peace to your spirit.

Gods Promise Single Layout (Printable PDF Version) is a collection of verses from God’s Word the Bible meant to encourage you and give peace to your spirit.

The Word of God – Is a short audio book  written by Morris C. Watkins which shares the power, the purpose and the point of God’s Word.  These short audio files can be listened to in about 30 minutes.