Order Fellowship with God Manuals


Pastor Fingerlin did the work of compiling and authoring this manual.  But he mostly loved to teach it in a classroom setting.  Since his death, the audio of his classroom teaching has been compiled and made available on this website:  www.ALifeWithGod.org.

 The teaching portions of the Fellowship with God Manual  (right facing side) is also available for download. In addition to these pages, an equal number of facing pages are available with quotes, illustrations, cartoons, poems and stories to further illustrate the teaching point. These were not included on the website because of copyright concerns. The paper copy of the manual is the “full” product of Pastor Fingerlin’s work.

Pastor Fingerlin loved communicating with people about the contents of this manual.  If you have comments or questions about the manual you can reach out to David Lewis at LewisDavid.62@gmail.com or use the comment form at www.ALifeWithGod.org .

The manuals are provided at a deeply reduced cost plus the cost of shipping.  Any proceeds go to support the urban ministry work of Saint Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis.   If you are in the St. Louis or Denver area manuals can be picked up to avoid shipping costs.

If you are in a unique mission our outreach setting where funding is a struggle and you are unable to purchase the manuals, please contact David Lewis with more information.  The goal of Pastor Fingerlin’s family is to use these manuals to the glory of God and for the spreading of the good news of Jesus.You may order Fellowship with God Manuals Here:


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