Chapter 1: God Reveals Himself

If there is a God, can I really even know him?  Is there a way I can become friends with him? How does He show himself?  In this first series of lessons, Pastor Fingerlin lays out the foundation for the rest of the course.  He teaches us how God reveals himself, how we can known him and how we can grow in a relationship with him through His Word in the Bible.

Download Fellowship With God Study Guide –  Chapter 1

Chapter 1:  Part #1 Introduction

Chapter 1:  Part #2 The Bible

Chapter 1:  Part #3  God Reveals Himself

Chapter 1:  Part #4  Prophets, Evangelists and Apostles

Chapter 1:  Part #5   The Apostles

Chapter 1:  Part #6  Characteristics of the Bible

Chapter 1:  Part #7 Our Reception of God’s Revelation

Chapter 1:  Part #8  How Should We Use the Bible

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