Chapter 4: The Law of God

Since God is perfect and holy it only makes sense that He would be concerned about how His people live.  God desires that we live looking and acting like Him.  His law helps us do that.  God’s Law is actually one of his ways of loving us.  It shows us the best way to live.  God’s Law also has a different purpose.  It also reveals to us our shortcomings and failures and sins.  That too is an act of love because when it does that, the Law shows us our need for a Savior.  His name is Jesus.

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Chapter 4:  Part #1 The Ten Commandments

Chapter 4:  Part #2 The Ten Commandments

Chapter 4:  Part #3  The Most Important Thing:  The First Commandment

Chapter 4:  Part #4  Handle the Name of the Lord with Care:  The Second Commandment

Chapter 4:  Part #5  Is there still a “Sabbath Day” today?:  The Third Commandment

Chapter 4:  Part #6 The Purpose of the Commandments

Chapter 4:  Part #7  The Rest of the Story:  Commandments Six – Ten

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